Saturday, April 21, 2012

Internet News Hemet Ca. Radio , Get the news in Hemet Ca with

We would like to welcome you to We are the online internet news radio for Hemet, Ca and all of the Inland Empire area.

Our radio Station broadcasts in all of California and can be heard all over the United states.

Our radio station is new and we will be working on adding new things every day.

Tell us what you would like to hear and what interests you and your community and we will do our best to give our public what they wish to hear.

Our goal is to have scheduled talk shows and great music and community advertisements and announcements for the community and announcements for residences of the Vista Garden Apartment complex.

Make sure to add us to your face book so you are able to get important updates as we publish them such as community emergency announcements from the city police departments and local Emergency Management Agency such as school closings or road closings due to bad weather or other relations.


If you wish to publish any commercials or advertisements or have any questions or requests please email us at HEMETRADIO@GMAIL.COM or contact us on FaceBook

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