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Last night during our "Merry Christmas From Us To You" Music Live broadcast to our worldwide followers on our kitten decided to go in hyper overdrive and decided to take over attention and be the Star of the Show ! 
Watch Closely "Dot" who is our kitten  will make several appearances during the Live Broadcast in high Kitty Gear ! . The Last Appearance will make you fall out of your chair in laughter !!

DJ EJ "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " Stated This will be one Merry Christmas to you from all of us at Hemetradio that you will never forget ! So please Watch our Merry Christmas Special and Enjoy the Gift Dot gives you in Entertainment !  This is one Merry Kitty Christmas Show !

Remember Watch our Banner Closely during the Music show ! and Please Share with your friends and spread our Merry Christmas to you !



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Meet the Tv Star !

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Compton-raised Rapper- Justified Has the Most Inspiring Story You've Ever Heard

  • Justified Smith 
Compton-raised artist Justified could be called a Christian rapper, but he grew up on Ice Cube and Tupac. 

Now living in Victorville, the 35-year-old emcee has released thirteen independent albums, containing tracks that vary from inspirational (“Hey Young World”) to socially conscious (“America”) to sexual (“Grind On Me”). 

He faced the greatest challenge of life recently; his mother died in 2013, followed by the death of his wife Neccola from breast cancer only 11 months later, in April. (Neccola was known as Justilady, and they rapped together as a duo called Mr. & Mrs. Smith.) 

Now, he's raising their two daughters alone. 

This double tragedy might have been enough to take down most men, but Justified is standing strong. His latest song "I'm Blessed" is dedicated to the two late ladies in his life.

He performed it at the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards at the L.A. Convention Center last month. His daughters joined him for the song onstage, which absolutely brought the house down. [Peep at time 3:10 of the below video.]

What inspired you bring up your daughters for "I'm Blessed"?
A few days prior me and my daughters was in the car and my song wasn’t even playing and they were in the back seat singing the whole song. I’m looking through the rearview like, ‘How y’all learn that?’ So I told my daughter Synia, that I’ll take you on stage. But I didn’t expect her to do what she did. I handed her the mic for the last hook and, basically I really thought her mother came inside of her. 

She reminded me of her so much with her body movements. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t rehearsed. I could see her doing her thing but I didn’t know how special it was until I went home and watched the playback. I felt as though her mom is still with us through her.

Why did you decide to shoot the video for “I’m Blessed” inside the church you attend? 
I give all credit to the director [Chag G.] who came up with the treatment for the video. Basically it was just showing to get through what you’re going through you have to take it to the altar. 

I was carrying what represented those two urns, one for my mother and one for my wife. I’m carrying around this burden, and the only way to get rid of it is to give it to the altar and leave those burdens with God. I was able to walk away blessed. 

“I’m Blessed” has no curse words while your other songs have been more explicit. 

I would push it in the streets and, especially for older black people, they would be like, "I don’t listen to that" and I would be like, "What’s that? I ain’t even told you what I do." 

So basically by looking at me they already came to a conclusion. That really turned me off from a lot of church folks. One of my beefs with gospel rap is that they’re saying what so-called Christians want to hear. [People say] oh "You’re a Christian rapper." No, I’m not. I’m a rapper that’s a Christian. Everything that is Godly ain’t "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus," like encouraging people to keep your head up. So I’ve been an inspirational artist more than a gospel artist. 

You survived a near-death experience in 1998, right?
I got stabbed by somebody I hung out with every day. Seven people in the house, and they sat back and watched. [They said] "I got warrants, we gotta leave." 

So they left me there bleeding on the floor. No one called 9/11. They all vanished. It was really an angel that I believe that came and saved me because I didn't know how to save myself. When you make it through something like that, you start seeing life differently. 

So that was the start of your spiritual awakening? 
I started seeing a lot of evil stuff in the game. My [former] label [in 1999] wanted me to toughen up my image. I wasn’t comfortable and I wanted to stop. I started seeking God and I went through some scriptures in Romans, and every other line kept saying justified. 

I was already calling myself that, but it was this transition from Abram to Abraham. I used to go by the name JIBB and it was Justified In Breaking Bitches. I said, "I’m about to drop this negative. I’m just going to be Justified." Instead of making music to make people move, I wanted to make music that makes people think.

You can Go and Like Justified's Facebook Page  by CLICKING HERE 

Mom Charged After 3 Infants Found Dead in Feces-Filled ‘House of Horrors’

Months after the tiny bodies of three newborn babies were found in a pile of "used diapers and feces,” their 31-year-old mother was charged Tuesday with neglect, abuse and murder.
Erika Murray's live-in boyfriend Ray Rivera claims he was unaware that his girlfriend ever gave birth to the children.
Prosecutors in Massachusetts say two of the dead infants were dressed in onesies and diapers. One was discovered in a backpack in a bedroom shared by two of Murray's other four children.
Read KTLA's story here:

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As everyone knows or should know that HemetRadio and Hemet News is something I do as a hobby helping others either get the word out or help promote others. Do I make any Money at this ? No. Depends on if I get any sponsors for that month.
I am not one to ever ask for help. I have been the one who always offering to give help. This year has really been hard for my family and I. My wife has came down sick and is normally not even able to get out of bed.
I been having lot of issues with kidney stones for the past 3 years and I keep striving to keep going however this year has been the hardest and it has never put me down on my knees as bad
Only way for me to make any living is by doing online promotions and this being christmas business is very slow for us. and my work is not bringing in any revenue to the table this month..
We have not had a christmas in the past 3 years since we moved to California and what kills me the most my wife and I have our 19th year anniversary coming up on Christmas Eve and I am not even able to have the funds to take her out to eat or even buy her anything even a card. This kills me on the inside.
It sucks enough that I am not able to by her anything for anniv or even to take her out to eat. our utilities are scheduled to be disconnected on the 19th. now our christmas sucks more We were donated a tree from "Pay it forward with love" group who has been so wonderful and now we found out yesterday that now we only get to stare at the tree in the dark due to no electricity to turn it on lol if we do not have the amount of $400 raised by the 19th they pull the plug on all our utilities including phone, cable, internet, lights on us..
I pray every night that God Send us a miracle for Christmas this year.
I hear everyone saying what all they want for christmas which is things they WANT . All I ask for Christmas is to be able to have my utilities to stay on and be able to take my wife out for a nice dinner and be able to give her a anniversary card for our 19th anniv. yes i know part is a Want ( the anniv part) but is that too much to ask God for?
I have signed up for Heap here in town and now its just a waiting game to see if we get help.
LIKE I SAY in the beginning of my post. I never ask for help before.. My wife an d I are normally the ones giving up our home to help others have a place to stay in need, feeding the hungry, giving to help, now our world has turned. and When We are the ones who needs help we can find it in return.
If it was not for a good friend with Hemet CPR helping us out sponsoring me last month I do not know where we would be. If God will help us make it thru this month with out my lights and utilities being cut off and I can make it to Jan when We get our taxes I will be back on my feet. I just need Prayer to make it thru Dec.
If anyone can find it in their heart to help please leave me a message at and I will send you our phone number and contact information.  

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There is a new scam spreading on Facebook. It starts out you are being mentioned in a comment
on a post. You then go check out what the post is and what the comment was mentioned about you.
Once you see the post it says :

Once you click on the Link for the secret it then takes you to this page below making 
YOU THINK you have to log in facebook to see the page
Think about it... whats wrong with this pic !
( why should I have to log in facebook to see this page When I am ALREADY LOGGED IN !)
( You have to been on facebook to see this message ! RIGHT ? )

You enter in your username and password not thinking that you are already logged in and not thinking
you are about to give out your username and password... SO.....
Here is what I did. I typed in FAKE INFO and hit Log In.
Now if this was real it would error on me BUT WHAT DID IT DO !

It just took My "" Log in Email address and password"" and recorded it to the author of this site. 
With Fake info being entered it took it and opened the page to another fake page
telling you that  an update is needed for your youtube player. when there is really no update

Now you not thinking you just gave your info out . 
Now they log in under your name and tag everyone in your friends list and it continues to spread

Each person you see tagging others has been hit with this scam
and the scammer is using each of those facebook users password
by tricking them to enter it in the fake log in screen !

I am EJ the Radio DJ The Crazy Guy With the Lazy Eye trying to help warn you !
Lot of your friends may be hit by this scam !

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HIT & RUN - Vehicle versus a bicycle - Bicyclist pronounced deceased due to injuries.

On Monday, August 10, 2014, at about 2:00 AM, members of the Riverside Police and Fire Departments responded to reports of a collision involving a vehicle versus a bicycle near the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Beechwood Place. D’Andre Sutherland, a 27 year old Riverside resident, was located by a passing motorist after he had been struck by a vehicle. Sutherland was transported to Riverside Community Hospital where he was pronounced deceased due to his injuries.
The vehicle that struck Sutherland did not stop after the collision and fled the scene. The vehicle sustained significant front-end and windshield damage. It was last seen traveling north on Magnolia from Beechwood.
Members of the Riverside Police Department's Major Accident Investigations Team (M.A.I.T.) and detectives from the Riverside Police Traffic Investigations unit conducted an extensive investigation to locate and identify the hit and run driver who struck Sutherland. Detectives have yet been unable to identify the suspect or vehicle involved in the collision with Sutherland through their investigation.
The Riverside City Council working with the Riverside Police Department has authorized a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the unknown driver. Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call Riverside Police Traffic Detective Felix Soria at (951) 826-8720. 
You may also submit tips to the RPD Investigations Tip-Line at (951) 353-7261 or email, or to online or at 1-800-78-CRIME.

Friday, December 12, 2014

A rescuer was swept away in the raging waters of the Los Angeles River Today.

BREAKING: A rescuer was swept away in the raging waters of the Los Angeles River Friday.
Video showed others trying to get the rescuer out of the rushing water as the person was moving past them.
Another rescuer was eventually able to get a rope out and pull the person to safety.
Watch KTLA's video here:

Thursday, December 11, 2014


A week after mud flows threatened homes in part of San Jacinto, residents at the Valley View Apartments have been ordered to evacuate again today because they face similar danger from an approaching storm.

The small complex composed of multiple standalone buildings is located at 20520 Highway 79 (State Street) in the bottom of a drainage at the base of the Soboba foothills. Additionally, the Hemecinto Sholom Center/Temple Beth Am at 20514 Highway 79 also will be ordered to be evacuated.

Today's mandatory evacuation, required by 4 p.m., was ordered and will be implemented by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in conjunction with CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department and Office of Emergency Services, the county Transportation and Land Management Agency, and the California Highway Patrol.

Click for Map of Area Evacuations & Closures
Mud and debris flow from a powerful winter storm on Dec. 4 forced residents to evacuate and damaged several homes and vehicles. The homes sit on land that remains subject to similar danger in the quick, powerful storm forecast to begin late Thursday. The storm is expected to target the affected area with the heaviest downpours mid to late Friday morning.

Additionally, Soboba Road between State Street and just west of Chabela Drive will be closed at 4 p.m. today.

“Road closures and evacuation orders will remain in place until such time it is deemed safe for residents to return to their homes and roadways are drivable,” said Deputy and Public Information Officer, Alberto Martinez.

“Our agencies remain united with a common goal of the planning, response, recovery and mitigation where public safety is concerned in potentially dangerous situations like these,” said Riverside County Fire Department Office of Emergency Services Manager, Gina McGough.

Motorists are urged to obey signage in road closure areas.

Don’t become a rescue statistic, TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN! 
- See more at:

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The Legend Ronnie Hudson Westcoast Poplock, Westcoastin with Eddie George " The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " with

Published on Sep 22, 2014
California Knows how to Party! California Love 1982 went Multi Platinum with Tupac Snoop and Dre. the man the myth the legend Ronnie Hudson and that Eddie George AKA EJ the DJ " The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " with who is cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Artist and innovative bassist, composer and producer, Ronnie Hudson, has for decades made his mark in the world of music. With passion and artistry, Ronnie has skillfully crossed over many musical genres from R&B and funk to hip hop, smooth jazz and gospel.

Reared in Washington, D.C., Hudson began developing his craft at the age of sixteen, playing bass in the band of his friend and mentor Charles Harrington. He eventually started his own band, Chapter One, with Al Johnson, after playing with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers. He later moved to Memphis, Tennessee, to become one of Stax Records recording bassists. At Stax Records, he recorded and toured with Isaac Hayes on his Grammy-winning soundtrack for the 1970s hit movie Shaft, and multi-platinum Black Moses. He also recorded and co-produced songs with good friends Rufus Thomas on the "Breakdown", and Luther Ingram on "If (Loving you is wrong I don't want to be right)".


Ronnie Hudson blazed his own trail in the hip hop genre with multi-platinum recording, West coast Poplock.[4] Dr.Dre and many other artists including 2pac with California Love and Snoop Dogg with the Poplock 2 have covered this song. Hudson has a passion for Gospel music and it is expressed in this moving and personal journey of the soul. Consisting of a three-man horn section, upright piano, guitar, percussions and drums, with Hudson on the bass guitar, the band is paired with vocals.

1982: "West Coast Poplock"
"West Coast Poplock" is one of the most popular singles by Ronnie Hudson And The Street People and was released in 1982. The song was featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the fictional radio station Bounce FM.[5]Immediately adopted as an anthem by KDAY, "West Coast Poplock" has rarely left radio since its release 32 years ago.[citation needed] It has been sampled by N.W.A.Snoop DoggDr. DreScarface and Mos Def. The song is notable for its sample in Dr. Dre's and 2pac's song "California Love", which was released on Death Row Records label in 1995. Hudson made a comeback with his album Westcoastin',[6][7] in which West Coast Poplock was renamed to "West Coast Poplock 2020" and was re-mastered. Hudson first blazed the West Coast hip hop trail with his 1982 hit "West Coast Poplock".[8][9] It was later recorded and sampled by Dr. Dre & 2Pac as “California Love”. Both quickly became undisputed West Coast anthems by KDAY.[10] Hudson's work is featured in films including The Social Network (also known as The Facebook Movie), Iron Man II, and South Central, and the video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.[11] While at Stax Records, he recorded and toured with Isaac Hayes on his Grammy-winning soundtrack for the 1970s hit movie Shaft. The single "California Love" by 2pac and Dr. Dre, which is the best-known song and their most successful, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks. The original version contains a sample taken from Joe Cocker's 1972 song "Woman to Woman". The chorus, "California knows how to party", was sung by Roger Troutman using his characteristic talk box and was taken from the 1982 song "West Coast Poplock" by Ronnie Hudson & The Street People which was written by Larry Troutman and Roger Troutman. In the song where Troutman sings "shake it, shake it baby", he interpolates the chant he used on his 1982 Zapp single, "Dance Floor".

2014: Ronnie Hudson presents Westcoastin – EP

Hudson's debut album Westcoastin was No. 2 on Amazon's hot new releases and No. 3 on Amazon's best seller charts.[12] The Westcoastin’ album features Snoop DoggToo ShortE-40Zapp Troutman, Rappin' 4-TayCelly Cel,Wyclef JeanSuga FreeDJ Battlecat and was produced by West Coast rap pioneers, including The Real Richie Rich, Lee “DJ Flash” Johnson and Larry “Captain Rapp” Glenn as the album's executive producers.[13]


  • 2010: The Social Network (performer: "West Coast Poplock"), (writer: "West Coast Poplock")

  • 2010: Iron Man 2 (writer: "California Love" (Single Version))

  • 2013: That Music Show (TV Series) (writer - 1 episode, 2005 vs. 1995), (writer: "California Love" - uncredited)


  • 2013: California Dreamers (as Ronnie 'GEE')


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Ronnie just recent dropped a new album with West Coast Pop Lock 2020 ft. Snoop Dogg, Too Short, E-40, Celly Cel, Rappin' 4 Tay, Zapp Troutman & Funkmaster Ozone in which you can check out